Mapleleaf Residence: Week Eleven

Apparently the man who used to own the Mapleleaf Residence made birdhouses. There are a couple in the yard and a lot of the neighbors have them too. We painted this one with our 'Margarita' color.

The mailbox also got a facelift. Actually, there was no mailbox until recently.

Every detail matters!

Every detail matters!


Speaking of facelifts, we've been working on making the front entry more inviting. We built this privacy fence to block view of the neighbors house. There will be one more section of fence when it's all said and done.

We wanted it to seem like the fence boards just continued into the house, hence the cedar walls in the foyer. 

We also built another section of deck that connects the front 'patio' area to the front entry.

We have one more section to build to get us all the way to the front door. It will step down again to get there.


Also in the foyer, we built a barn door for the front hall closet. The first step was biscuit joining a bunch of cedar together..

And then add some steel hardware...

And voila! Got yourself a mighty fine barn door:


We'd like to thank new volunteer Katie Hogan for braving the ladder on the stairs to finish painting the blue accent wall:

Also, the carpet got installed on the second floor. We're pretty happy we decided to not do the hardwood up there.

As you can see, we're getting close to being done with the upstairs entirely. Just some trim, paint touchups, and shower glass to add. We've even got the door hardware installed:

In a previous blog post, I mentioned the cabinet above the fridge. Here's Brad holding it in place:

For a second there we thought we hadn't left enough room beneath it. Apparently we nailed the math the first time around though, because it fits perfectly:

We wanted it the have a 'built-in' look.

We wanted it the have a 'built-in' look.

We also started to tile the full height backsplash in the kitchen:

We're doing a stacked bond with white subway tiles.

We've been installing cabinet lighting as well:


We painted the exposed plumbing under the LSL vanity in the first floor bathroom to blend into the wall:

One thing I've learned: renovating is hard on your clothes.

My new favorite toy is our router. I don't recommend routing upside down like I'm doing here though:

Kids, don't try this at home.

Kids, don't try this at home.

We're getting down to the wire! The house should be on the market within the next couple of weeks.