Seafood Restaurant: Construction Begins

As many of you loyal blog followers probably already know, we have been designing a seafood restaurant in Ferndale (the name hasn't quite been etched in stone yet). We've also been selected as the general contractor for the project, and last month we started work on site.

The first step was to cut out portions of the concrete floor so that we could run underground plumbing:


Then the guys at Paradigm Plumbing did their thing:


And then it was time to patch up the floor. First we got rid of some more of the existing slab, which was cracked and settling in some areas:

Then we had had to get the dirt level and compact and drill rebar dowels into the perimeter of our new pour:

We also prepped a spot outside for a new dumpster pad:

...and then it was time for the concrete. This was my first time pouring concrete (at this scale), but I think it went well (thanks in large part to an old friend of 5/8ths, Chris Ritchie, and his crew):

After letting that dry for a few weeks, it was time to grind it all down to expose the aggregate and make it nice and shiny (and cleanable):

We also ground out a section of the floor at the bar so that we can inlay tile and have it be flush with the concrete:

And then it was time to start interior framing:

We even got some help from Chef Marc Bogoff:

He's practicing standing behind the bar

He's practicing standing behind the bar

That's all for now, MUCH more to come!